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18-26 k27 k427Chatbot math/Bard
1221 k21 k21 kChatbot math/Bard/24.02/Lumped mass vibrational modes
156.8 k6.6 k6.6 kChatbot math/Bard/24.02/Matrix versus tensor
1110 k10 k28 kDiscrete-time dynamical system orbit diagram
271892.3 k2.7 kShould Wikipedia essays be moved out of Wikipedia namespace?
125.5 k5.3 k5.3 kChatbot math/Bard/24.02/Teaching the discrete Fourier transform to beginn…
1217742.2 k2.5 kChatbot math
193.2 k3.2 k48 kDRAFT ARTICLE
152.8 k2.8 k30 kPolicy and Standards for Critical Discourse
141.5 k1.5 k55 kThe Derelict Mass Media of America
121.1 k1.1 k1.1 kChatbot math/Bard/24.02/Free online algebra computer system
131.4 k1.4 k8.9 kDevelopmental psychology/Chapter 3/Infant Cognition
112.6 k2.5 k2.5 kWriting/Correct use of capital letters
121.4 k1.3 k15 kPhysics/A/Introduction to tensors in physics
13-1.7 k2.1 k21 kWikiJournal of Science/A card game for Bell's theorem and its loopholes/I…
14391737391Chatbot math/Bard/24.02/Heisenberg's quantum mechanics
1374874879 kSocial Victorians/Terminology
136366368.7 kCzech diminutive
1340540555 kSocial Victorians/People/de Soveral
15579631579Universal Bibliography/About
142552576.9 kA compendium of doublespeak, stock phrases, non-answers and excuses
14-5839636 kUniversal Bibliography
125015012.3 kTwitter Faceoff
1336363.9 kReal Good Religion/Secular celebrations and rituals
1334343.9 kWhy study math?/Using interactive games
122072072.1 kHolidays of Hope
12007 kChatbot math/Copilot/24.02/Unitary Transformation & Matrix Symmetry
120027 kChatbot math/Bard/24.02/Unitary Transformation & Matrix Symmetry
121771773.4 kCzech verb morphological productivity
1251513.8 kWisdom/Wisdom, Intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence
1236361.5 kWriting/variety of pronouns
1139939918 kShould the public be forced to take vaccines?
122222923Virtues/Justice/Thought provoking cases
1219195.6 kVirtues/Love/Religious teachings
1215153.9 kWhy study math?/Using manipulatives
1215153.3 kWisdom/Wisdom assessment form
12151511 kWisdom/Wise decisions
1215153.1 kReal Good Religion/Secular alternatives to prayer
12151510 kReal Good Religion/Secular blessings
1215153.5 kReal Good Religion/Obstacles to leaving traditional religions
121241264.6 kPlearnwan
1176765.1 kWriting
111661668.9 kShould civilians be prohibited from owning firearms?
112552552.5 kVery Large Scale Integration
112542545.7 kKaizen Business Education Centre
112432431 kHuman nutrition
111751751 kTrap
11168168758National Headliner's Award
11163163414Apache Ant
11313131Physics/A/Chatbot Bard's ideas
111401401.1 kEnzyme catalysis
11133133133Category:Real Good Religion
11171717Web Technologies
11116116976Electrical engineering
11-92923.4 kAfrican Arthropods/Ferncliffe Nature Reserve
11757575Real Good Religion/obstacles to leaving traditional religions
11727272Writing/hypothetical advice on writing from great thinkers
11656565Real Good Religion/secular celebrations and rituals
11636363Writing/paragraph as the major organizing element
11636363Real Good Religion/secular alternatives to prayer
11646464Problem Finding/consequential problem descriptions
11646464Writing/precise descriptive, and engaging language
11616161Virtues/reflections on the virtue of politeness
11545454Problem Finding/problem finding examples
11535353Problem Finding/reassessing comparisons
11545454Problem Finding/example unowned problems
11545454Problem Finding/effects and their causes
11535353Virtues/Justice/thought provoking cases
11525252Virtues/Compassion/religious teachings
11525252Virtues/Generosity/religious teachings
11535353Why study math?/using interactive games
11545454Thinking Tools/additional thinking tools
11525252Thinking Tools/new car decision matrix
11494949Cherishing awe/list of everyday awe
11494949Why study math?/using manipulatives
11494949Thinking Tools/example applications
11505029 kMotivation and emotion/Book/2019/Honesty-humility and work performance
11505050Real Good Religion/secular blessings
11515151Thinking Tools/example problem topics
11494949Virtues/Justice/religious teachings
11484848Writing/commonly confused homonyms
11454545Writing/assistance from ChatGPT
11444444Cherishing awe/benefits of awe
11444444Wise Affirmations/perseverance
11464646Writing/suitable sentence length
11464646Virtues/Love/religious teachings
1142421.1 kPlant fossil structure and preservation
11434343Writing/show rather than tell
11424242Problem Finding/significance
11434343Wisdom/wisdom assessment form
1140402 kCOBOL/Strings
11414141Writing/semicolon character
11393939Writing/punctuation marks
11404040Writing/transition phrases
11363636Writing/poetic phrases
11373737Writing/colon character
11373737Writing/comma character
11383838Virtues/cardinal virtues
11353535Writing/great writing
11353535Wisdom/wise decisions
11343434Writing/active voice
11353535Writing/writers block
11262621 kWhy study math?
1124243.2 kRootfinding for nonlinear equations
11242424Category:Why study math?
1124244.5 kVirtues/Gratitude
11232380Category:Motivation and emotion/Book/Gratitude
112525264WikiJournal Preprints/On formulas for factorials and values of factorials…
1123231.6 kGuided Meditations/Gratitude Meditation
112323925Wise Affirmations/Gratitude
1123235.8 kVirtues/Humility
1123233.9 kVirtues/Civility
11212178Category:Motivation and emotion/Book/Courage
112121898Wise Affirmations/Justice
1122222.3 kWhat Matters/Courage
1121211.5 kCOBOL/Arrays
11212137 kFinding Courage
1121212.2 kWise Affirmations/Courage
1122227.4 kVirtues/Courage
1122227.5 kThe Ancient World (HUM 124 - UNC Asheville)/Texts/Analects/Ritual
11202011 kComing Together/Collective Wisdom Success Stories
1122226.2 kDefined infinity theory
1122222.7 kVirtues/Humility/Authentic Humility
1122224.1 kVirtues/Humility/Being 99.9% Ignorant
11222274Category:Motivation and emotion/Book/Personality/Honesty-humility
1122221011Wise Affirmations/Civility
1122221.2 kWise Affirmations/Humility
11212129 kMotivation and emotion/Book/2016/Rituals and emotion
1121219.4 kVirtues/Wisdom
1120201.4 kWise Affirmations/Wisdom
1121217.9 kThe Wise Path/Wisdom
1120201.1 kWhat Matters/Wisdom
1122225.7 kThe Wise Path/Courage
112020103Category:Applied Wisdom
1119198.9 kVirtues/Love
1114143.3 kWriting/Great writing is clever writing
1114142.8 kWriting/Great writing is witty
11-13132.8 kPlanetPhysics
11101032 kReal Good Religion
1110102.4 kMyOpenMath
11-661.6 kNumerical algorithms
11-221.5 kPhilosophy of infinity
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