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10 September 2023

796052 k13 kWas 9/11 an inside job?
285.8 k5.6 k5.6 kLibertarian socialism/Centralized Society
233 k2.9 k2.9 kLogic
165.6 k5.5 k20 kSocialism/Bipartisan fraud
341038620 kIB History Review Guide/The USSR and Stalin
125.5 k5.3 k9.2 kReal numbers
1201.3 k1.5 k1.2 kPiano/For beginners
189751.5 k18 kMotivation and emotion/Book/2023/Environmental volunteering motivation
162 k2 k15 kMotivation and emotion/Book/2023/Effective leadership
151.5 k1.4 k9.8 kEquirectangular projection
1562162110 kMotivation and emotion/Book/2023/Brief motivational interviewing as a hea…
228018011 kWikiJournal User Group/Technical editors/tasks
231039068 kForecasting nuclear proliferation
2310284144English-Chinese/The Pope is the highest authority in the Catholic church
119189189.4 kSocial Victorians/People/Newcastle
1243343315 kSocial Victorians/People/Marion Margaret Violet Lindsay Manners
22102404 kEducational Media Awareness Campaign
2210141.4 kMaritime Health Research and Education-NET/Draft WPs
17344628.2 kPiano
12494949Category:Heresy and the Church in the Mediterranean world
12404018 kBiblical Studies (NT)/II. The Seven Asian Churches
1113413413 kJavaScript Programming/Introduction
12224224757Digital Media and Information in Society/Student Journals/Leeonardo1505
11888816 kJavaScript Programming/Variables and Expressions
11343410 kChurch of Scientology
1132324.6 kAlbert Einstein
1129296.3 kScience as religion/Einstein
11303020 kPlanetPhysics/Albert Einstein/Original text
11303017 kPlanetPhysics/Albert Einstein
1130301.2 kNatural Inclusion/Einstein
112828295English-Chinese/Mediterranean Sea
11272712 kContinental shelves/Mediterranean
112828221English-Chinese/Mediterranean diet may improve cardiovascular outcomes
11242424Category:Digital Electronics
11222228 kBiblical Studies (NT)/I. The Birth of the Church
1123232.8 kDoes the Catholic Church do more harm than good?
11222217 kEuroHiT/Church
11212121Category:The dynamics and social organization of innovation in the field …
11202020Category:Albert Einstein
112020721Math Adventures
11-227.3 kSet theory/Introduction
1118218212 kJavaScript Programming/Conditions
1111011013 kDatabase Management/Data Definition Language
1189892.1 kLearnIt/Mathematics
1178784.9 kMathematics software
11-772.8 kUse of science concepts in daily lives
11-112.4 kGame programming/Collision detection
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