Statistics on recent changes

1012149821.1 k26 kIC3/Computer Hardware
252718 k18 k18 kHilbert Book Model Project/Hilbert Book Model/nl
532141.7 k4.9 k3.2 kMotion/Oscillation
871255.2 k5.2 k21 kEditing Internet Texts/Theatrical Elements in John Donne’s Poetry
682423829619 kInformation Systems/Hardware
381124.6 k4.5 k8.3 kCommercial diving/Diving physiology
32331.7 k2.9 k1.6 kMotion/Oscillation/Electric Oscillations
60217311391931Motion/Circular Motion
32183.7 k3.6 k101 kGene transcriptions/A1BG/Core promoters
6911886291219 kModule Book for Occupational Medicine at the University of Panamá
9138.8 k8.6 k86 kFair use/Case law
18154.2 k4.3 k11 kImproving schools/Efforts to improve schools
1281172721.7 kMotion
9117.5 k7.3 k7.3 kDoes objective reality exist?
21183 k3 k44 kAmmonoids
323958958958Motion/Oscillation/Spring Oscillations
6117.4 k7.2 k7.2 kSurvey research and design in psychology/Assessment/Lab report/Feedback/2…
328707711707Motion/Oscillation/Electromagnetic Oscillations
221376076033 kParabola
14152.6 k2.6 k2.6 kDigital Citizenship/Building a Fact-Checking Habit
392240761.6 kMotion/Linear Motion
10132.5 k2.4 k2.4 kDigital Citizenship/Four Moves
2911020421012 kHilbert Book Model Project/nl
411-2.2 k2.2 k10Tomas Ohlin
10132.2 k2.1 k2.1 kDigital Citizenship/Advocacy Groups/National Center for Public Policy Res…
3122.7 k2.6 k2.6 kDigital Citizenship/Web Literacy
1011925925180 kWinning the War on Terror
3112.5 k2.5 k2.5 kDigital Citizenship/Checking for Previous Work
1414524524524Uniform linear motion
1012794794869Motion/Non-Linear Motion
24163483521.3 kWave
211103344202.1 kDigital Citizenship
712466466466Non uniform linear motion
81236368.7 kIMHA Research Archives/Click and go to page here/The Latin American Occup…
712335335335Instananeous linear motion
81213713720 kHilbert Book Model Project/Modules and Modular Systems/nl
7121191196.5 kHilbert Book Model Project/Quaternions/nl
41213513518 kHilbert Book Model Project/Quaternionic Hilbert Spaces/nl
81265655.7 kHilbert Book Model Project/Relational Structures
25119499491.2 kComputer Security/Computer Hackers/Cyber Anakin/What can you learn from t…
4211107107107Fundamental Mathematics
76111-151511 kTamil Language/Letters
4121291295.9 kHilbert Book Model Project/Relational Structures/nl
1113919118 kHilbert Book Model Project/nl/Hilbert Book Model
1412636316 kHilbert Book Model Project/Hilbert Book Model
61113713718 kHilbert Book Model Project/Modules and Modular Systems
51174745.9 kHilbert Book Model Project/Quaternions
511717117 kHilbert Book Model Project/Quaternionic Hilbert Spaces
7400Electric's Oscillations
1011-2942940Force/Electrodynamic Force
411717171Hilbert Book Model Project/nl/Modules and Modular Systems
411717171Hilbert Book Model Project/nl/Quaternionic Hilbert Spaces
51146463 kInformal learning activities/MWwDf
121136361.9 kWikidebate
311555555Hilbert Book Model Project/nl/Quaternions
1311585840 kRadiation astronomy/Spectroscopy
13110012 kCORDIC Hardware Implementations
411293293293Force/Electromotive Force
311188188188Digital Citizenship/Advocacy Groups
311656565Hilbert Book Model Project/nl/Relational Structures
411001023Haskell programming in plain view
911-313199 kGeology
811-3131120 kAstronomy
411-161644 kDominant group/Paleontology
311-161635 kDominant group/Archaeology
31114142.1 kSurvey research and design in psychology/Assessment/Extensions
511008 kThe necessities in DSP
511003 kArtificial intelligence/Lecture aid
411-5511 kFluid Mechanics for Mechanical Engineers/Energy Considerations in Interna…
811-10510543 kProgressive education
411-5527 kFluid Mechanics for MAP/Dimensional Analysis
311-5511 kFluid Mechanics for MAP/Energy Considerations
211-5527 kFluid Mechanics for Mechanical Engineers/Dimensional Analysis
11-54542.2 kElectricity/Electric Circuit
11-444455Electricity/Electricity Source/Electromagnetic Induction
111-1861862.1 kElectricity/Electromagneticism
311-3939629Electricity/Electricity Source/PhotonElectric
211-54542.1 kElectricity/Electric Circuit Theorem
111-49495.2 kFaraday's Law
111-39399.1 kElectrolysis
211-1818231Electricity/Electricity Source
111-1919945Electricity/Electrical Laws
111-18181.7 kElectricity/Electricity Source/ElectroVoltaic
111-1919945Electricity/Electric Circuit Laws
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