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116513.2 k12 k25 kOpenStax University Physics/V1/Equations (master)
57500Rainwater harvesting
50000OpenStax University Physics Volume 1/Equations (master)
23-7.1 k7.3 k81 kPhilosophy/Sciences
37800Living With a Narcissist
33100Introduction to Computers
30000Principles of Management
1022-4.2 k4.1 k93 kRadiation astronomy/Muons
2680010 Principles of Economics
171118 k18 k18 kHome Shop Machining/CAD/SketchUp/SketchUp Tutorial
391115.3 k5.2 k71 kFull octahedral group
1141.2 k1.2 k12 kWikiJournal User Group/Ethics statement
24300How to adjust an iron sight
1811-3.6 k3.5 k4.4 kIntensive Care Nursing/Arterial Blood Sampling
17600Computer Hardware Types
17500What is the sixth sense?
16800Social problems
811-3.4 k3.3 k3.9 kIntensive Care Nursing/Prone Position Proceedure
16300Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagrams
16100Introduction to Computer Science
22112.1 k2 k2 kHome Shop Machining/CAD/SketchUp
15300C Source Code/Sorting array in ascending and descending order
15000Principles of marketing
15000Java Tutorial/Hello World!
1012-82682677 kChemicals/Leads
14200Basic computer network components
14100President of the United States/Donald Trump
13800Types of computers
3522101027 kMotivation and emotion/Book/2013/Transactional model of stress and coping
13300Types of Computer Software
3612-41751 kHome Shop Machining
3513242147.6 kOracle SQL Fundamentals/Selecting Data
12500United States currency/$2 bill
12300Fringe sciences
251348483.1 kC
11400Tamil Language/Letters
1513-27273.5 kWikiJournal of Medicine/Associate editors
11100What is a computer?
19125916091.3 kHome Shop Machining/Projects
10700Control structures
1213521982.6 kIthkuil/Introduction
10500Psycholinguistics/Theories and Models of Language Acquisition
1111452452452Home Shop Machining/Machining Operations/Grinding Lathe Tools
26120581.2 kOracle SQL Fundamentals/Sidebar
912606055 kPhysics equations/Equations
24123083082.7 kHome Shop Machining/Equipment/Reference Tools
114949876Informal learning activities/WMxGi
15112372371.3 kIthkuil/Roots and Stems
151200719US States/Virginia/Settlement Areas
211144442.9 kUS States/Virginia/Geography
201151516 kOracle SQL Fundamentals/Restricting Data
1211-161161118 kIthkuil/Suffixes
171164647.4 kBiochemistry
1811-35359.8 kDominant group/Duress
171120202.2 kWikiJournal of Medicine/Editors
11-112.9 kMathematical Properties
1511-42429.2 kAssistant teacher course/Teachers' handbook/Preparation
1511353513 kFrom crony capitalism to democracy
5112002007.7 kIthkuil/Advanced Adjuncts
91112812826 kHilbert Book Model Project
121162621.8 kIthkuil/The Full Formative
1511-882 kFootball (soccer)/Famous Soccer Players
121132326.1 kOrganic Chemistry – Carbon Chemistry and Macromolecules
12113131485Home Shop Machining/Machining Operations
811-82824 kWestward Expansion/Texas
231111110 kHappiness/A Psychological Interpretation of the Tarot
231100423US States/Texas
9500Characteristics of research
811494949Virginia/Settlement Areas
911-21211.5 kEating Disorders
911111113 kHuman Legacy Course/China's Qin Dynasty
9300Cohen's d
1911-112.6 kWestward Expansion/California
9200Overlapping and cross cutting differences
511-30304 kIntroduction to problem solving
14110029 kChemicals/Nitrogens
8500Python Programming/Tuples and Sets
21111-60607.5 kRadiation astronomy/Mathematics/Quiz
8114412 kCORDIC Hardware Implementations
811002 kHaskell programming in plain view
8110012 kC programming in plain view
8200Introduction to Programming
71100906Segment display/Seven-segment display/T
711008.2 kThe necessities in DSP
71100868Segment display/Seven-segment display/Z
711002.8 kComplex Analysis in plain view
61100901Segment display/Seven-segment display/I
61100754Segment display/Seven-segment display/C
61100963Segment display/Seven-segment display/Y
61100822Segment display/Seven-segment display/H
61100776Segment display/Seven-segment display/U
611001 kSegment display/Seven-segment display/N
61100928Segment display/Seven-segment display/D
61100818Segment display/Seven-segment display/E
61100892Segment display/Seven-segment display/B
61100867Segment display/Seven-segment display/O
61100785Segment display/Seven-segment display/A
61100917Segment display/Seven-segment display/G
61100901Segment display/Seven-segment display/Q
61100776Segment display/Seven-segment display/F
61100929Segment display/Seven-segment display/W
61100862Segment display/Seven-segment display/M
61100882Segment display/Seven-segment display/R
61100889Segment display/Seven-segment display/X
61100938Segment display/Seven-segment display/L
61100912Segment display/Seven-segment display/P
61100864Segment display/Seven-segment display/S
611001 kSegment display/Seven-segment display/V
61100990Segment display/Seven-segment display/K
61100951Segment display/Seven-segment display/J
7800List of Major Topics and Concepts in Biology
7800RLC circuit
7700Memory Unit
6700Reduction and oxidation reactions
6600Multiple linear regression
6100Business Law
6100High school physics
5700Characteristics of developing economies
5600English literary canon
5400Work, Power, and Energy
5400Comparison between Roman and Han Empires
5300Mathematics Properties
5300Bengali Language/Greetings and basic polite expressions
5300Enzyme structure and function
5200Principal stresses
5100Internal combustion engines
5100Web Design/HTML Challenges
5000Japanese Verb Conjugation - Godan Verbs
11-60602.1 k1000 Songs/Sunset to Sunrise Changes Now (Clement of Alexandria)
11-60602.4 k1000 Songs/TALLIS' CANON (Thomas Tallis)
11-60602.6 k1000 Songs/While shepherds watched their flocks by night (Tate and Brady)
11-60602.8 k1000 Songs/Sing praise to God who reigns above (Johann Jakob Schutz)
11-56564221000 Songs/WIE SCHON LEUCHTET (Philipp Nicolai)
11-56564201000 Songs/Thou great high priest (Nicolaus von Zinzendorf)
11-56562.1 k1000 Songs/WINDHAM (Daniel Read)
11-56564101000 Songs/WORK SONG (Lowell Mason)
11-56562.9 k1000 Songs/WACHET AUF (Philipp Nicolai)
11-56562.4 k1000 Songs/Victimae paschali laudes--Christians to the Paschal victim (Wi…
11-56564241000 Songs/To God be the glory (William H. Doane)
11-56561 k1000 Songs/Trisagion Hymn (John Chrysostem)
11-56564421000 Songs/Veni Creator Spiritus--Come Holy Ghost our souls inspire
11-56561.8 k1000 Songs/jubilus
11-56561.8 k1000 Songs/We're marching to Zion (Robert Lowry)
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