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1208278.1 k8.2 k7.9 kSeminar in Biological Mechanisms of Aging and Cancer/Journal Club
7990010 Principles of Economics
63200Principles of Management
41800Introduction to Computers
41800Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagrams
38200Characteristics of research
64283 k3.2 k3 kChristian Anarchism
34900Social problems
41254.8 k4.6 k28 kLocalization
54210-2677472.5 kSeminar in Biological Mechanisms of Aging and Cancer
28800Principles of marketing
27600Living With a Narcissist
27000Computer Hardware Types
26200Psycholinguistics/Theories and Models of Language Acquisition
25800Types of computers
25800Basic computer network components
24700Cohen's d
20000Introduction to Computer Science
13191 k1 k2.3 kHuman Legacy Course/The Foundations of Rome/Problems in the Roman Republi…
18100ZZ Packer "Brownies"
1613-2.4 k2.3 k43 kDominant group/Materials science
11131.8 k1.8 k5.8 kGene transcriptions/Boxes/CENP-Bs
73121841843.2 kBlockchain
4122.2 k2.2 k14 kHuman Legacy Course/The Foundations of Rome
8113.7 k3.6 k3.6 kGene transcriptions/Boxes/CGCGs
16400Enzyme structure and function
16000Reduction and oxidation reactions
15800President of the United States/Barack Obama
11611553.7 kEnergy Storage in Biological Systems
1011-2.3 k2.2 k26 kDominant group/Psychology
15200Principal stresses
15000Comparison between Roman and Han Empires
3414481481481Collective phantom
14-2502909.8 kWikiJournal User Group
14500Introduction to Programming
18151181287 kC programming in plain view
13100List of Major Topics and Concepts in Biology
12900What is a computer?
12800Control structures
12400Cubic Spline Interpolation
12200C /Simple Math
12200C Source Code/Sorting array in ascending and descending order
11900Windows PowerShell/Arrays and Hash Tables
11700IT Fundamentals/Hardware
11300IT Fundamentals
11200Reed–Solomon codes for coders
8122042043.4 kInformal learning activities/BBwMo
10600Category:Resources by level
913808412 kWikiJournal of Medicine/Publishing
20112932933.1 kMultiple-use name
71280883.1 kInformal learning activities/STwMo
1511-27727730 kAnna Karenina
11-17173.2 kEvidence based assessment/Instruments/Navbox
51247472.6 kSituating a Mutation: A Global Learning Ecology Proposal
512-19316.8 kPublic Health Policy
181205.3 k2.7 kOcean engineering
2111393920 kThe Reformation
19112525511Quiz:Discrete Maths for Olympiads
161149495.8 kFuturism
9700High school physics
101157573.1 kMicroeconomics
9600Category:Learning projects
61189891.6 kBloom Clock/Keys/New Hampshire/July/White Flowers
9300Gene transcriptions/Start sites
9300Spanish 1
34111-76769.1 kEngineering Experience 4: Design a Small Solar Vehicle/2012: Team PM14
71130301.5 kBenefit corporations
9200What is the sixth sense?
711-775 kLife
9100Exploratory factor analysis
9000RLC circuit
511161671Technical writing tania Screengrab
4112929947Human waste disposal
411191989Literary Studies: Experimental writing
211222222Future studies
23111-113113258Category:Requests for Deletion
1211-119.1 kPeak oil, energy, and society
8600Technical writing
11110011 kAdvanced Engineering Mathematics in plain view
8500Electric Circuit Analysis/Circuit Analysis Quiz 1
8500Types and variables
8500The role of resistors in electrical circuits
8300Methods of Payment/Open Account
8300Adams-bashforth and Adams-moulton methods
8300Psycholinguistics/Models of Speech Production
8300Numerical Analysis/Bisection Method MATLAB Code
8111117 kParasitology
711227.9 kThe necessities in DSP
8200Physics equations/Magnetic field calculations
8200Computer-aided design/History, Present and Future
511001.4 kThe Necessities in Microelectronic Circuits
511002.9 kArtificial intelligence/Lecture aid
511006.8 kUnderstanding VLSI Design
41100885Haskell programming in plain view
7900Cultural differences in sexuality
7700How to adjust an iron sight
7400Learning resource
7300Electric Circuit Analysis/Passive Sign Convention
7300English literary canon
7200Introduction to Critical Pedagogy
7200Computer architecture and organization
7100Newton’s laws and their applications
7100German pronouns
6800German to English
6800Evaluating Evidence
6700Building construction techniques
6600German vocabulary/Numbers
6600Introduction to Programming/About Programming
6600Characteristics of developing economies
6500Wikimedia Ethics/Case Studies/Case 1
6200High School Biology/Lessons/Lesson 3
6200Thermodynamics/The Second Law of Thermodynamics
6200Spectroscopy/Molecular energy levels
6200Open educational resources
6100Java Collections Overview
1111-114 kFundamental Beliefs in Roman Catholicism
6000Electric Circuit Analysis/Kirchhoff's Voltage Law
5900Introduction to music
5900Classified Kingdoms/Monera Kingdom
5900Technical writing style
5800Mathematics Properties
5800Survey design
5800Introduction to Business Law
5700Thermodynamics/The First Law Of Thermodynamics
5700President of the United States/George W. Bush
5600Basic Japanese greetings
5600Natural electric field of the Earth
5600Introduction to architecture
5500Power Generation-Steam Power
5500Introduction to aircraft components
5500C /Variables and User Input
5400Computer Skills
5400IT Fundamentals/Operating Systems
5400Measuring economic development
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