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151372015 k8 kPhysics equations/Current and current density
213221064.7 kTypes of friction
43291014 k8.1 kTectonic hazards/Earthquake
482210546.4 kStress (psychological)
7711326 k25 k43 kStars/Reds
421134.1 k4.4 k9.1 kThe usefulness in anthropology and digital ethnography of the free softwa…
4019-9981.3 k19 kMotivation and emotion/Book/2018/Insular cortex and emotion
113-5165281.6 kSurvey research and design in psychology/Assessment/Survey
19113 k2.9 k5.4 kBig Data
1111611632 kMotivation and emotion/Book/2018/Sexting motivation
3816-116120115 kRadiation astronomy/Reds
101272727.5 kQuizbank
3713206206206English-Chinese/Essential nutrients cannot be synthesized in the organism…
2913308322308English-Chinese/A vitamin is an organic molecule which is an essential mi…
15123063061.4 kDatabases/PostgreSQL
1011-1 k1 k5.9 kPhanerozoic/Pennsylvanian Period
18129210892Discourse analysis of Wikimedia-l mailing list archive
28130013 kC programming in plain view
8129696695Preventive Health Science/Subscribers
341202280The usefulness in anthropology and digital ethnography of the open source…
614315315315English-Chinese/Curry is a kind of dish originated from the south of Asia…
2213-1721376WikiJournal User Group/Journals
4212-422423 kCloud computing
911200200200English-Chinese/Vegetable oils are fats extracted from seeds, or less oft…
911184184184English-Chinese/Olive oil, palm oil, and rice bran oil are example of fat…
911162162162English-Chinese/Soybean oil, rapeseed oil, and cocoa butter are examples …
211201840The usefulness in digital anthropology of the TXM corpus free software an…
311137537529 kWhy is Media Literacy Important
811139139139English-Chinese/Soybean oil is a vegetable oil extracted from the seeds o…
1213-15415410 kRadiation astronomy/Radios/Quiz
1712007.4 kDiscrete Mathematics in plain view
61120520512 kIntensive Care Nursing/Neurological Assessment
2711219219219English-Chinese/Yellow ginger is a flowering plant of the ginger family, …
912-898910 kRadiation astronomy/Reds/Quiz
2311195195195English-Chinese/Curry is a kind of dish from Southern Asia that uses a co…
1811-1201204.6 kRadiation astronomy/Sources/Quiz
1311-1001004.8 kRadiation astronomy/Radios/Lessons
15113391 kStars/Astronomy
511003.7 kComplex Analysis in plain view
1611003.5 kHaskell programming in plain view
1511553.9 kSport research/Validity and reliability of data
911-336.1 kNight vision
711004.8 kUnited States Law/Constitutional
1311003.6 kSpanish 1/linguistic characteristics
36900Principles of Management
20400Introduction to Computers
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