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33400Is management a science or an art?
56180016 kC programming in plain view
513520516196 kComparative law and justice/Cambodia
441101.2 k1.2 k2.4 kBranding/Guess the Brand
3425-801819120 kWikiJournal Preprints/Alternative androgen pathways
3411484848Studies of Euler diagrams/definition
3014005.7 kThe necessities in Random Processes
2914004.8 kThe necessities in Microprocessor Based System Design
2914005.5 kHaskell programming in plain view
2611606060Celebrating 15 Years of Street View
2422102726.2 kWeb design
201311.6 k2.1 k219 kRadiation astronomy/Alloys
1811363611 kStudies of Euler diagrams/gapspots/hard and soft
172210681.4 kNCERT/Textbook Solutions/Class VII/Mathematics
16121101121.9 kStudies of Euler diagrams/blightless/4-ary/bundles
16111-2502503.1 kWireshark
1412005 kComplex Analysis in plain view
1412002.8 kUnderstanding Arithmetic Circuits
131258961593 kWikiJournal Preprints/Melioidosis
811-545432 kHistory of Topics in Special Relativity/Lorentz transformation (squeeze)
61218418425 kActiveBrainUC
5115-106 k104 k21 kUNESCO Recommendation on Open Science
211-11116.7 kThe Holy Quran
1113 k12 k12 kOpen Science/Week 8: Enabling Policy Environment for Open Science
1111 k11 k11 kOpen Science/Week 3: Science in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
165.4 k5.3 k5.3 kStudies of Euler diagrams/criteria
118.7 k8.5 k8.5 kOpen Science/Week 12: Scientific Culture for Quality, Integrity, and Open…
118.4 k8.2 k8.2 kOpen Science/Week 13: International Cooperation in Open Science
118.4 k8.2 k8.2 kOpen Science/Week 9: Capacity Building for Open Science
117.9 k7.7 k7.7 kOpen Science/Week 4: UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science
126.4 k6.2 k6.2 kOpen Science/Week 5: Common Understanding of Open Science
117.7 k7.5 k7.5 kOpen Science/Week 11: Incentives for Open Science
116.9 k6.7 k6.7 kOpen Science/Week 14: Synthesis
117.5 k7.4 k7.4 kOpen Science/Week 10: Open Science Infrastructures
115.6 k5.5 k5.5 kOpen Science/Week 6: Diverse Paths to Open Science
115.7 k5.5 k5.5 kOpen Science/Week 7: Innovations Throughout the Scientific Process
12760760760Open Science/Week 15: Application, Feedback and Final Project
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