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16145.9 k6.4 k5.7 kWikiJournal User Group/Technical editors
13114.6 k4.5 k5.8 kMotivation and emotion/Pearls of wisdom
812-3.9 k3.8 k2.9 kForecasting the number of parties to the TPNW
13132.8 k3.1 k28 kMotivation and emotion/Book/2020/Morality and emotion
10142.5 k2.8 k8 kSocial Victorians/People/Cavendish Bentinck
54382.5 k2.6 k3.1 kThe Ancient World (HUM 124 - UNC Asheville)/Texts/Analects/Ritual
511-1.8 k1.8 k161 kWikiJournal of Science/Lead: properties, history, and applications
9111.8 k1.7 k1.7 kThe Ancient World (HUM 124 - UNC Asheville)/Texts/Euthyphro
14111.5 k1.5 k63 kWikiJournal Preprints/Arabinogalactan-proteins
832151.5 k2.5 k30 kWikiJournal Preprints/Androgen backdoor pathway/sandbox
491111.5 k1.4 k2.2 kAustralian Indigenous ways of learning
8121.2 k1.1 k68 kPython Concepts/Regular Expressions
12121.1 k1.1 k1.1 kThe Ancient World (HUM 124 - UNC Asheville)/Texts/Analects/The Way
712-884884161 kWikiJournal Preprints/Bengal Famine of 1943
1912-7967983.7 kWikiJournal User Group/Editors
341374774720 kUniversal Bibliography
512-6937017.3 kSocial Victorians/People/Guest
2713685687685Category:CS1 maint: ref=harv
2312647647189 kWikiJournal of Science/Can each number be specified by a finite text?
912-6346404.6 kSocial Victorians/People/Meysey-Thompson
2811060571975 kMotivation and emotion/Book/2020/Transpersonal psychology
11-56156161 kWikiJournal Preprints/Loveday, 1458
111-45245253 kWikiJournal of Humanities/Æthelflæd, Lady of the Mercians
611-39639668 kWikiJournal of Humanities/Abū al-Faraj ʿAlī b. al-Ḥusayn al-Iṣfahānī, the…
511-34034025 kITIL/Foundation/Service Management/Service composition
3119-3341.9 k5.3 kAnimal Husbandry
131532132174 kSocial Victorians/1897 Fancy Dress Ball/Quadrilles Courts
22223093097.2 kJavaScript Programming/Objects
10123001.3 k6.6 kFederal Writers' Project – Life Histories/2020/Fall/105i/Section 50/Arthu…
82229331181 kWikiJournal Preprints/Tree swallow
341123023034 kSocratic Methods
11-22522581 kWikiJournal Preprints/Mount Mazama
16122202202.2 kOccupational Epidemiology/Research tools/Theoretical Program - open here/…
1912-20020025 kITIL/Foundation/Service Management
512-2002001.8 kSocial Victorians/People/Donald Mackenzie Wallace
212192192192WikiJournal User Group/Technical editors/Application
211-18918964 kWikiJournal of Humanities/Hilda Rix Nicholas
812-16716772 kWikiJournal of Science/Binary search algorithm
11-15515544 kWikiJournal Preprints/Ultrasonography of chronic venous insufficiency of …
712-142142129 kSocial Victorians/1897 Fancy Dress Ball
811-135135201 kRepresentation theory of the Lorentz group (for undergraduate students of…
1412117143117Category:CS1 errors: empty unknown parameters
712-11311322 kMotivation and emotion/Book/2020/General strain theory, crime, and delinq…
11-108108202 kRepresentation theory of the Lorentz group
111051054.9 kCloud computing/Amazon Web Services
111-1011017 kFederal Writers' Project – Life Histories/2020/Fall/105i/Section 026/Bert…
11-959546 kWikiJournal Preprints/Partisan Congress riots
11-6565144 kPole star project/Equatorials
114-613893.8 kSocial Victorians/People/Long
611595959Forecasting the effective date of the TPNW
11-565652 kFuzzy Logic
1145451.5 kHistory of Topics in Special Relativity/Lorentz transformation (header)
911363636Category:CS1 maint
111-292971 kWikiJournal of Science/Spaces in mathematics
522-252513 kResearch in programming Wikidata/Natural disaster
1414241147.9 kLearnIt/Quantum Mechanics
1112242421 kMotivation and emotion/Book/2020/Fear of working out
911242446Category:Language icon templates
511-222287 kCrystallography
11-212128 kResearch in programming Wikidata/Banks
111-202045 kDistributed computing
1911-191922 kThe Great American Paradox
1413-17174.9 kWhat Matters/Exploration, discovery, learning
711-151517 kMotivation and emotion/Book/About/Collaborative online authoring using wiki
11-151536 kWikiJournal of Medicine/Establishment and clinical use of reference ranges
411121219 kMotivation and emotion/Book/2020/Psychedelic treatment of depression and …
13111111187Category:Tracking categories
11-111145 kTime to extinction of civilization
611-111144 k600-cell
11-99185 kWinning the War on Terror
111-99105 kKeynote lectures/Minerals
30168303.3 kMotivation and emotion/Tutorials/Review
51155241 kWikiJournal Preprints/Induced stem cells
1511-3324 kMotivation and emotion/Book/2020/Panic
11-2275 kHistory of Topics in Special Relativity/Lorentz transformation (general)
1212-2235 kMotivation and emotion/Book/2020/Methamphetamine and emotion
1011-2234 kMotivation and emotion/Book/2020/Boredom and technology addiction
811-1162Category:CS1 maint: extra punctuation
611-1136Category:CS1 maint: Extra text
611-1136Category:CS1 maint: Multiple names: authors list
611-1122Category:CS1 maint: Multiple names: editors list
611-1136Category:CS1 maint: Uses authors parameter
611-1136Category:CS1 maint: Explicit use of et al.
4111117 kSocial Victorians/People/Portland
1 k00Social problems
51800Characteristics of research
27535108802States and Capitals of the USA/Northeast
37400Computer Hardware Types
13524102.2 k7.2 kReduction and oxidation reactions
27400Urdu Numbers
1522103.8 k24Category:Arithmetic
322210607.1 kTypes and variables
13003.9 kComplex Analysis in plain view
13002.2 kUnderstanding Arithmetic Circuits
17150016 kC programming in plain view
302202216 kMaritime Health Research and Education-NET
1012005.3 kThe necessities in Random Processes
912003.9 kThe necessities in Microprocessor Based System Design
16221018431 kMotivation and emotion/Book/2013/Self-confidence and sport
811004.9 kHaskell programming in plain view
61100886OpenMP programming in plain view
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