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18 February 2018

121.3 k1.3 k105 kMiddle Ages/Keynote lecture
11-222297 kWikiJournal of Science/Radiocarbon dating
13113.1 k3 k62 kPython Concepts/Regular Expressions
101246146159 kDEC VAX-11/750 (computer)
161411916552 kGene transcriptions/HNF6s/Laboratory
21411760344 kWikiJournal of Science/A card game for Bell's theorem and its loopholes
1124424438 kWikiJournal User Group/Ethics statement
119-981.2 k24 kOpenStax University Physics/V2
1212747418 kResearch in programming Wikidata/Artolela-web
3711614846018 kResearch in programming Wikidata/Academic institution
5212-4.2 k4.6 k16 kEvidence based assessment/Posttraumatic stress disorder (disorder portfol…
8711-16516512 kSpectroscopy/Molecular energy levels
2110012 kC programming in plain view
2111797911 kSearching R Packages
1211210 k9.8 k9.8 kDraft Proposal for improving the ability of R users to search R packages
14220509 kEuclidean geometry/Proofs
512129 k8.8 k8.8 kSCCAP/Resources for Dealing with a School Shooting/Psychological First Aid
14146766768 kPhotogrammetry/Regard3D
4412-1001127.4 kHistory of the Pen
721167.4 k8.1 k7.2 kHelping Give Away Psychological Science/Resources/Annotated List of Where…
251148486.9 kComputer Networks/Wireless
2225406.9 k16 k6.7 kSCCAP/Resources for Dealing with a School Shooting
3126026025.7 kComputer Programming/Loops
13121781784.8 kInformal learning activities/MWwSu
471132.9 k3.1 k3.7 kDigital Media Concepts/Pewdiepie
71153533.4 kComplex Analysis in plain view
52194945203.3 kDigital Media Concepts/Jack Thompson
7111241242.4 kIT Service and Support
9111021022.3 kIT Service Management
221149492.3 kWikiJournal of Science/Potential upcoming articles
181135352 kResearch
1812-1502122 kSCCAP
5011-55963Moss garden activity
1311954954954Category:Net neutrality in US states
11134134272WikiJournal Preprints/Template:Main
14226464177Helping Give Away Psychological Science/Resources
611222222Research projects
50000Principles of Management
47500Rainwater harvesting
4500010 Principles of Economics
44600Social problems
43200Introduction to Computers
41800Computer Hardware Types
36900Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagrams
35700Living With a Narcissist
35200C Source Code/Sorting array in ascending and descending order
30900Basic computer network components
27100Principles of marketing
26700Characteristics of research
26200Types of Computer Software
25700What is the sixth sense?
23600Psycholinguistics/Theories and Models of Language Acquisition
23300President of the United States/Donald Trump
22400How to adjust an iron sight
22100Overlapping and cross cutting differences
21400Types of computers
20300Java Tutorial/Hello World!
19500Control structures
18100Cohen's d
17800Reduction and oxidation reactions
17400What is a computer?
16800Introduction to Computer Science
16200List of Major Topics and Concepts in Biology
14500Enzyme structure and function
13100Building construction techniques
12500Cubic Spline Interpolation
12000Newton’s laws and their applications
11400Landmark Education/Abd/Glossary
10600United States currency/$2 bill
10300Characteristics of developing economies
9900Physics equations/Current and current density
9700RLC circuit
9600Comparison between Roman and Han Empires
9300Work, Power, and Energy
9100Japanese Verb Conjugation - Godan Verbs
9000Tamil Language/Letters
8900Research purposes
8900Main Page
8800Physics equations/Magnetic field calculations
8600President of the United States/Barack Obama
8500German pronouns
8500Computer Skills
8400Types of friction
8400Adams-Bashforth and Adams-Moulton methods
8400German vocabulary/Numbers
8300C /Simple Math
8300Business Law
7800NCERT/Textbook Solutions/Class VII/Civics
7700Introduction to aircraft components
7600Speculation about Why a female octopus dies after her eggs are hatched
7600High school physics
7500Bengali Language/Greetings and basic polite expressions
7500Reed–Solomon codes for coders
7300De Broglie wavelength
7100Motivation and emotion/Book/2013/Transactional model of stress and coping
7100Foundation in construction
6900Thermodynamics/The First Law Of Thermodynamics
6900Exploratory factor analysis
6800Python Programming/Tuples and Sets
6700Understanding the Golden Rule/Religious and Cultural Origins of the Golde…
6700Network Classifications
6600Internal combustion engines
6600Web Science
6500IT Fundamentals
6500Psycholinguistics/Language and the Brain
6500Numerical Analysis/The Secant Method
6400Partial differential equations
6400Electric Circuit Analysis/Circuit Analysis Quiz 2
6400Electric Circuit Analysis/Circuit Analysis Quiz 1
6300The role of resistors in electrical circuits
6200English literary canon
6200Sampling (statistics)
6200Literature Analysis/Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
6100Greek Language/Vowels
6100C Source Code/Find the median and mean
6100Memory Unit
6000Is management a science or an art?
6000Power Generation/Steam Power
5900Classification of the viruses
5800Agile software development
5800High School Biology/Lessons/Lesson 3
5700Acids and bases
5700Introduction to Programming
5700Principal stresses
5600Introduction to Networking
5600PowerShell/Arrays and Hash Tables
5400Psycholinguistics/Models of Speech Production
5400Python Concepts/Numbers
5400WikiJournal of Medicine/Medical gallery of Blausen Medical 2014
5300Acid-base chemistry
5300Crystal Methods
5300Types and variables
5300Electric Circuit Analysis/Kirchhoff's Voltage Law
5300Geographic coordinate conversion
5200Introduction to music
5200Workplace diversity
5200Mathematical Properties
5100Web Design/HTML Challenges
5100Introduction to Computers/History
5000Computer architecture and organization
5000Coordinate systems
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